Anguilla Villa Rental

When looking at your potential villas in Anguilla, here are some things you may want to consider:


At Bird of Paradise every suite has an equal view of the beach and the Caribbean Sea, along with its own private balcony and bathroom. As you look at Anguilla villa rentals, check out whether there’s only one master suite. Do the guest rooms have a view? Does everyone have a veranda? How do the bathrooms compare? This is especially important when couples are traveling together and are sharing in the cost of the villa.

There are a lot of villas which are put together with second-hand furniture. Usually, you can tell from photos the quality of the interior design, bedding, amount of clutter, etc. Are you just looking for a roof over your head or do you want that ‘WOW” factor for a special vacation or celebration? The Bird of Paradise design firm has also designed Armani and Ritz Carlton resorts. The Bird of Paradise has won awards and been featured on the cover of magazines for its design and ambiance.


There are villas in Anguilla which say they are beach front, but they have only a spit of man-made beach or a rocky, un-swimmable waterfront property. Worse is when they show photos of an Anguilla beach making you think it’s near the villa when it isn’t. Bird of Paradise is at Sandy Hill Bay, which is a long crescent beach with no resorts or restaurants, so very private. As you’ll see at our link, “beach hopping” is one of our favorite activities on Anguilla, so we encourage our guests to explore. Anguilla is only 30 square miles with 32 beaches. We hope you have the time to find them all!

Note, there are quite a number of villas on Anguilla which are at the ends of long, unpaved dirt roads. You don’t want to spend your vacation changing tires. We appreciate the fact that Bird of Paradise is easily accessible, but very private and secure.

What's Included in an Anguilla Villa Rental? 

Be sure to compare apples to apples when you’re comparison shopping. The villa website should have a list of exactly what's included as far as staff, technology (TVs, WiFi), A/C, DVD library, kitchen equipment, beach toys, picnic baskets, games, etc. We had a friend who had an Anguilla villa rental for the summer and arrived to discover there was no A/C in the bedrooms! See the link below for a complete list of staff, services and amenities available at the Bird of Paradise. Depending on your budget, we can add chef, butler, car and driver, rental car and more.

Services and amenities

More information follows below regarding chef services, but beware of “breakfast included” as you compare Anguilla villa rentals. Usually this means nothing more than the housekeeper starts the coffee pot and puts out rolls.

Is the Pool Heated? 

Don’t assume a pool is heated. Electricity for a four-bedroom house can run $4,000+ US per month on Anguilla and water can cost another $1,000+. There are very few villas that heat their pools. They may say they have solar heating, but are they talking about just the sun or solar panels? Bird of Paradise has two pools and more than 30,000 gallons of gas-heated water. A warm pool is especially nice when traveling with young children.

With Whom are you Talking? 

One of our greatest sales points, is that when they book the Bird of Paradise they are talking directly with the owners. Who knows the property better than the owner? Who has the power to adjust rates? Our Basic Package is described below, but we can customize a package for your Anguilla villa rental based on your budget.

When to Travel to Anguilla?

The cost of our Anguilla villa rental varies depending on the time of year/season. You can definitely save big bucks by coming May 1 to November 14. The weather is great, but most Anguilla villas have pricing close to their cost of operation. 

The most expensive time to visit Anguilla is over Christmas/New Year’s when due to high demand the Villa is only rented out at the full rate for 4 suites. 

Cost for an Anguilla Villa Rental

You can rent a summer home in the Hamptons for $250,000 and not even get a roll of paper towels, and definitely no staff. Anguilla's Bird of Paradise in contrast offers all the staff and amenities of a 5 star hotel, including access to a chef. The villa has all the comforts and spaciousness of an executive home, but amenities such as luxury toiletries, linens and bathrobes, concierge, daily housekeeping and a beach attendant. 

The most expensive all-inclusive villa on Anguilla is 9 bedrooms and it rents for $25,000/day plus 10% tax and 10% service charge. There’s a list of luxury villas with 4-6 bedrooms in the range of $5 to $6,000/night in high season plus the tax and service charge. Based on location, ambiance and services, this is our competition, but at the Bird of Paradise our prices are considerably lower.

We’re unusual in offering options to guests. We do not have a “take it or leave it” attitude. We can customize services to fit your budget. One guest told us about a former Anguilla villa rental which included a chef for breakfast and one meal per day. They were irked that they had to pay for this chef and staff even though they chose to go to beach bars for lunch or enjoy fine dining at local restaurants on a night or two. As you comparison shop, check the flexibility of the villa as it pertains to staff.

Your Best Chance to Negotiate Price

Many villas will only take a 7 night booking. At Christmas/New Year’s, it’s not unusual for an Anguilla villa rental to require 10 to 14 day minimum. We have flexibility at the Bird of Paradise, but note that most guests come Saturday to Saturday, so if your vacation straddles a weekend (Thursday - Monday) and/or you only want an Anguilla villa rental for 3-5 days, the villa owner is going to most likely not be able to fill those other days of the week. They could lose two separate week bookings, because you want a long weekend.  Your chance of wheeling and dealing and negotiating a better price goes way down with less than 7 nights.

When you have more than 7 nights, your chances for negotiating a better price go up considerably with two weeks or even a month.

What’s the budget you have in mind for an Anguilla villa rental? 

At the Bird of Paradise we adjust the services and amenities to fit our guests’ budget and are happy to work with you to meet the your price expectations. 

Cost of Food and Beverage: 

Check out the fine print. Many villas will charge 10-20% service fee for purveying the food and beverage. At the Bird of Paradise, you only pay what's on the grocery receipts with no up-charge. This saves our guests hundreds of dollars.

Questions about Anguilla villa rentals? 

Feel free to email ( Feel free to email ( or call Julia direct on (+44 1483 200 202). We are happy to help with answering your questions and help with the planning!