Anguilla Luxury Villa with Chef

If you require we can arrange for a rum punch, our signature champagne cocktail, and appetizers on arrival at the Villa. You can have brunch on the first morning and dinner at home before departure. You can select if you would like a chef for 1, 2 or 3 meals a day but the majority of our guests request a chef for at least one meal daily. You may choose breakfast overlooking the beach, lunch by the pool, tapas cocktail party by the outdoor fireplace, or a dinner under the stars. Some guests prefer to eat out and there is also a fabulous selection of beach bars and five star restaurants on the Island. 

What does food cost?

It’s a tough question to answer, because it all depends on your menu choices, ages of children, etc. Anguilla is a small island and all food is flown in or comes in by container ship from Miami, therefore, it’s more expensive than you’d find at home. Food and beverage costs (including alcohol) for guests over the past year ranged from $325 to $650 per week with a max of 8 guests with one daily chef-prepared meal. Of course, it also, depends on what you like you eat. If you are going to have lobster or crayfish, you would pay $50 in a restaurant and probably $20 per person in your own villa.