Anguilla All Inclusive

There are no Anguilla all-inclusive resorts or all-inclusive hotels. At the Bird of Paradise villa, however, we are unique in offering our guests the option of an all inclusive package.

Bird of Paradise is a luxury villa and our Anguilla all inclusive package includes your own private chef, butler, and all food and beverage. Rates vary, of course, depending on the number of guests in residence, ages of children, etc.

What’s Included?

Included in our Anguilla all-inclusive is a welcome cocktail party with rum punch, champagne cocktails, and canapés. Prior to arrival guests are given menus, a wine list, as well as a food preference checklist. Your concierge will work with you to organize all your meals and to pre-stock the kitchen with your favorite snacks or the bar with your favorite beer and cocktails. You decide when, and if, you want lunch by the pool, dinner under the stars, or dessert by the exterior fireplace. A butler/server will come in up to 8 hours a day to serve lunches and dinners.

Wonder if I don’t want every meal at the villa?

We also have a half-board package, where you have a daily breakfast and only one other meal, your choice of a lunch or dinner daily, which includes food and beverages.

What are my choices of wine and champagne?

Our sommelier has put together a house wine list, which is included in the Anguilla all-Inclusive.

All-Inclusive Honeymoon:

It’s not unusual to have a single couple who want a luxury villa rental for their honeymoon or a special occasion. When only one of the four master suites is used, we discount our rate and give back our savings in housekeeping and utility costs for the unused bedrooms.

Does an all-inclusive save me money?

Probably not. In all-inclusive resorts, there are hundreds of guests. In a private villa with a maximum of 8-10 guests, we have to assume guests will be premium eaters and drinkers at every meal when pricing an all-inclusive. You may wish to consider a less expensive Bird of Paradise rate where chef and butler are included for 1, 2 or 3 meals daily, and you only pay for groceries based on grocery receipts and exactly what you order.